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Is Your Skin Freaking Out After Thanksgiving? Fix It, Fast

Sugar, pollution, hormones – skin spoilers to watch out for!

A few days into my vacation, and it was a little dryer, a little duller, and prone to breakouts. And now that I'm back home in New York City, it hasn't miraculously improved like I'd really, really been hoping it would. "That's common around the holidays," says Francesca Fusco, a dermatologist in New York City. And it's common for a lot of reasons. "Flying, drinking alcohol, eating salty and sugary foods, and even washing your face with hard tap water can make your skin dryer and inflamed, which means it's also more prone to breakouts," she explains. "And dry skin looks generally older, because it gets duller and fine lines become more noticeable." Yikes. <br>visit

Goldfaden MD Celebrate The I AM THAT GIRL Organization at Space,NK NYC

By reducing waters chlorine content, Vitamin C filters - which can be purchased online for between $35 and $125 - are said to leave the hair and skin in better condition. The devices are said to neutralize, and therefore reduce chlorines residual side effects like dry skin, dandruff, frizzy hair, headaches, and itchy eyes, researchers say. They can even help subside eczema. Vitamin C Showers: A new bathroom trend says Vitamin C showerheads are a cure for dry skin and hair Much like its use in pool maintenance, chlorine is typically deployed into public water supplies to disinfect the water as it travels through pipelines. <br>visit

Their famed and highly coveted Doctors Scrub was a fast favorite among many attendees including IATGs co-founder, Emily Greener . Featuring extraordinary ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, Seaweed and Organic Tea Extracts blended with perfectly circular ruby crystals, its no surprise that this skin polishing, youth restoring scrub was a hit among many. Upon gushing about the wondrous qualities of the scrub, Emily took a break from the indulgent night to speak about the brilliant organization. Her lively spirit and warm words on how beauty is truly universal and free of specifics brought each guest closer to the cause and one another. Five years ago, IATG, a L.A. <br>visit

Are Vitamin C-infused showers the secret to healthy hair and skin? The new beauty trend promising to eliminate dandruff, frizz, and eczema

Oestrogen influences skin thickness, wrinkling and moisture. When there is a drop in oestrogen levels, the production of new skin cells slows down, resulting in a thinning of the skin layers. This way, the skin becomes unable to maintain hydration, strength and elasticity. Here are some of the anti-spoilers: - Add antioxidants to your diet to counteract and fight the free radicals. Colourful vegetables, especially orange and green like carrots, sweet potato and spinach, and dark berries like blueberries and blackberries are rich in anthocyanins, which are powerful antioxidants. - Apply fruits for smooth and supple skin. Create a homemade Avocado face mask by mashing up a ripe avocado and pat it evenly onto your face. <br>visit

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